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End users are ripped off by ESCOs

I strongly believe that the ESCOs supplying the same gas as the utility companies are in business for profit. It is absurd that an ESCO could sell gas to a customer, through the utility company's pipelines, the same gas that goes to the customer's neighbour, at a lower price. That means that the utility company provides the ESCO with a special discount in order to allow the ESCO to make a profit. The losers are the end users. Therefore, I recommend that the utility company, under the state supervision, will offer reduces price to the end users rather than allowing an ESCO to make profits. The end user is the loser as is the utility company. I understand hedging but the utility company may hedge too and secure a fixed price. I recommed a public debate on the fairness of the utility companies allowing a middleman to make extra profits.



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