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More overseeing of costly discipline

I suggest That the governor's office get more involved in costly discipline of employees. Myself and several other employees were at an arbitration hearing awhile ago, all waiting to testify, and all on overtime.5 of us at 60.00 an hour. We got there at 9/am and at 2/pm the state employee prosecutor took 2 of us to testify, then told the other 3 to come back in 2 weeks.UNBELIEVABLE!!!. The other 3 made 300.00 each for ZERO! then came back 2 weeks later for another 60.00 an hour. They all laughed except me. I remember thinking...if the people outside of the corrections dept.only knew..IT IS NOT funny at all! It is disgusting! This is why our state and country are broke. MISMANAGEMENT! Are all of these N.O.Ds even necessary? Lets start there. NO, they are not. But when they are necessary, they should be properly managed. The deptartment of Corrections needs overseeing by educated sensible people. I wonder if this goes on in all the other agencies or if it is the vindictivness of corrections...it's no wonder we are in the state we are. I hope Gov. Coumo really does change things for all of our sakes.



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