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I suggest that come nov. you think of the words corruption and incombent. Vote for a new kind of person one who is not yet in the thick of

things in Albany. Make NY a new place to live. You certainly can't comfortably live here now


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    Community Member

    agreed..but its not just the poloticians its all the state agencies.the administrators are on a discipline employee kick to justify their existance,especially the state corrections dept...constantly looking to hurt employees while they live their lavish lives.i know ill be voting especially governor...not a thing has changed in actuality..its sad.

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    i agree with you both. its a sad state of affairs!unfortunitely ny will never return to an honest decent state again...way too far gone.corruption is a way of life that they teach to one another and accept now.they convince themselves that they deserve to be rewarded ,after all they care for the people...its sick.then they turn around and take from funds intended for other uses.they would love to so call borrow from the state pension system and later say oh there isnt enough youll have to work longer just as is happening with social security. i feel so sad for the young people of our state and country.they have been robbed by our poloticians.there is no hope.

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    Community Member

    Voting for a new government always seems like trying on the latest fashion. It seems like there's no shortage of people who are unhappy with the way things are and yet they will spend every ounce of passionate energy trying to find someone else to fix problems that they, as a group, can fix themselves.

    What if everyone who complains about a stagnant local economy decided to buy from local stores? What if everyone who complains about a mediocre downtown actually went downtown and voted with their dollars? What if everyone who hates their work environemnt, stopped keeping bad employers in business by buying from them?

    Nahh, let's just find a new government who will finally have a magic wand. It's out there as long as you complain loud enough, someone else will fix it.

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    I agree that some of the politicans in the NY State Government are corrupt, but not all as I know a few decent hard working ones left. I don't believe that voting all of them out will fix this government either, we'll only have a bunch of newcomers that have to start from scratch. Although you may think this is a good idea, think again, it's an extremely frustrating process, I've been through it.

    If you vote Palidino in we go back to the dark ages and corruption like you have never seen. This isn't about being Democrat or Republican, all are accountable. Our job is to become informed and make the right choice about the right people for the job, not party line.

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    Community Member

    We should select our public servants randomly, instead of electing them. Anybody who actually wants the job shouldn't be allowed to have it.