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self absorbed poloicians

i suggest you poloticians stop feeding your own egos with your never ending hunger for power and greed and start thinking about our young people who arnt going to have a future because of all of you.dems and repubs. your all the same.these young people in their late 20s and early 30s are acting like we did at 18. they party and live at home with mommy and daddy when they should have already been putting into the system i.e. social sec. etc..for years they have no or little hope of job quality. you poloticians have broken all the positive things america used to be...sad! and be sure that there will be some liberal judge waiting to make another foolish decision on something that will teach more bad morals to our children..are there any decent humans left to run things or elect..!?

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  1. nice article!!! so true.our leaders have taught our children that corruption is a good thing..they have taught bullying and bad habits are ok..gambling is condoned so the states can get more money...thats how they anwser their bad money management skills...its ok we can find more tax avenues...it is disgusting...obviously they dont even care about their own children and grand..ugh!

    4 years ago
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