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Force welfare recipients to "volunteer" a certain number of hours to improve their community in order to get their check. Even though they receive a check each month they will feel that they are working for free and many will go out and get a real job.


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    Community Member

    Excellent idea.

    These people tend to live in low income areas where there's trash all over the place, I could think of hundreds of better things that they could be doing instead of sitting at home watching Jerry Springer all day.

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    Community Member

    i would love to see the state make them work for there checks, but we all know it will never happen. I say get rid of welfare period.

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    Community Member

    There are people who truely need our help so you can't get rid of welfare completely, but you sure can go after the people who collect welfare generation after generation. A good many of these people smoke, drink, have big screen tv's etc etc they sure don't need welfare. Either we are giving them too much money, or they have another source of income(isn't that illegal?)

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    How can you do this across the board when you don't know the circumstances of each individual person. Let's use a little common sense here & some compassion for those less fortunate then you. I know that not all are eligible but maybe we could put some people to work and be more on top of this program. And nobody gives anybody the right to judge people without knowing the individual first.