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I suggest that you delete the Universal Pre-K program from the budget or change the parameters. When this program began it was intended to allow lower income families to get free tuition at preschools. Now, the program is open to everyone, regardless of income, and must be done by a lottery system. Therefore, the family making a ton of money has the same chance to get a slot as the low income family who really needs the help. I object to having my tax dollars go to these weathly families just looking for free tuition.


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    rdemayo, well said. we must prioritize pre-k money to those children most in need.

    visit www.prioritizepre-k.com to learn more.

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    Your so right. It seem as though the wealthy are alway

    looking for ways that someone else can pay for things. Let's keep the programs for those that need them the most.

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    Community Member

    Universal PreK is for the educational lobbyists, special interests and NYSUT it has nothing to do with helping kids. If it was for the kids it would be based soley on financial need so those kids most in need would get it.Because it is based on a random lottery system people who can well afford private prek (remember Prek IS NOT DAY CARE)get in while those who truly can't afford it lose out.

    This state has 415 million in a UPK grant at the same time we are cutting money from families with autism, special educ needs, we are cutting money money from K-12,CUNY and SUNY . WE need to care more about kids then political influence. PUT THE FUNDS WHERE THE NEED IS!!!

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    Community Member

    Eliminate it completely. Kindergarten was started as the pre-school class. Even today it is not required to send your child to kindergarten. Why start another class that isn't required?