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We desperately need both a property tax cap, and reformation of the way we distribute our school tax burden. We must be innovative and follow other lower tax states examples on how to provide quality education, while simultaneously lowering our insane tax burden. The time for both property tax relief, and reform is now. I am sure most suggestions will revolve around those principles.


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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    USMC, your comments are not even a cohesive thought. I do not even understand what you are trying to say. I took the time to discuss what I had felt was the most pressing issue, it is our taxes that are 79% above the national average of property taxation. Apparently you do not live or pay taxes in new york, or else you would agree that something's gotta give.

    New York and New Jersey the two highest tax states, are the ones losing the most population each year. The burden placed on families forces long time residents, low income residents, and young residents to flee the state. Maybe next time you comment, you should put some thought and substance into your post.

    Vouchers, Christian Schools, and Home schooling do absolutely nothing to solve the problems that New York faces in regards to local property, and school taxes. It is the same old tired and unexplained ideas.

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    Community Member

    The US has 50 states and each one has to cater to the people who decide to live there. New York caters to people who enjoy spending other people's money. This makes New York the best choice for people who feel entitled to a slice of their neighbor's paycheck.

    Other states do a good job of providing incentives for people who do not feel like working to move to one of the welfare states.

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    Community Member

    Its not that I totally disagree with your request to cap property taxes. Its that I think the entire property tax structure is not working and capping it at among the highest in the nation is insane.

    We have to take a stand and tell these guys make one standard for all that cannot be changed only by voter mandate for example 1% of the market value of your home. Simple fair and in most cases everyone gets a tax reduction.

    the tax structure now is nothing more then a scam with formula's that have no real bearing on anything other than how confusing they are.

    Schools are important but they have to realize they cannot continue spending our money the way they do.

    They have to come up with real accounting reforms that no only include cuts to student programs but to the way the hire contractors, spend money on utilities, and how much they can pay themselves.

    The school districts are sound more like the MTA everyday every election they vote for raises.

    If a parent wants their child to go to private school sorry you have to pay for that case closed. If you put the effort into cleaning up our public schools to function more efficently you would not have that need.

    Keep in mind there are more honor students in China and India then there are students in the USA.