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Campaign: Local School Savings

Education should be funded at the state level. School taxes, as well as local property taxes must be capped in order for new york state to remain competitive. We must see how other states control their tax situations, and become a leader in innovative taxing solutions. New York State must cut their state spending dramatically, but more than anything we need meaningful tax reform immediately. Record numbers of New Yorker's leave this state every single year, it is because we have lost our competitive edge. It no longer makes financial sense for a business to locate in New York. We have some of the highest electric and water rates, and the highest taxes in the country. If we do not wake up soon, we are on the verge of a collapse of New York State.


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    New York is a welfare state. It's a great place for those who take from the system and a hostile place for people who contribute to the system.

    The logical thing to happen is for New York to attrat all the people who want free services and for people who are paying for those services to leave.