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Stop Unnecessary School Spending Just Because It's Always Been Done That Way

Really take a hard look at school spending and start implementing changes from the top down. There is so much waste in public schools that it is beyond comprehension. I do in fact work in a public school system and know first hand what I am talking about. No one likes to see lay-offs but sometimes they are the way to reduce unnecessary spending. Having been laid off twice from a school position I also know what I am talking about in this instance.


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    School supplies and other school expenses could be reduced by bulk buying between districts. Teacher's unions should be broken so students will hopefully be taught by teachers who care not by those hanging in there due to tenure. Many residents are tired of paying exorbitant property taxes when no one attends school in their house. It should a 50% reduction in those homes.

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    Community Member

    School expenses can also be reduced by having competent people in charge of technology spending. When you put a school principal or someone with a degree in Education, that person is a prime target for getting taken advantage of.

    I work for an outsourcing IT support company and I would be more than happy to show a government official specifically how the schools are getting flat out robbed. The truth of the matter is that people who are not in the Information Technology field have no idea what they're paying for, what goes on in the background, and whether any of the computer activity is being monitored.

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    Steve Kastin

    The idea of cutting out wasteful spending in the schools is something I think we'd all agree with. The problem is that the statement is too generic to be actionable. We need specific examples of mandatory wasteful spending (not like "My district just bought a new school bus and the old one was just fine.") We need examples of where NY State law REQUIRES schools to spend money unnecessarily, in ways that don't help kids get a better or safer education, so that the State government can work on fixing or repealing those laws.

    Each specific example should be entered as its own idea, so people can vote on them individually.