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Allow the food stamp credits to be used ONLY on foods that are not taxed. Like fruits, vegetables and necessary beverages like milk.

It will curb wasteful spending for unhealthy foods that simply lead to lower healthy quality and increased health care expenses which are likely subsidized by taxpayers also.


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    I absolutely agree with this.. as a tax payer who lives within my budget I feel its unfair that we pay for what some families consider luxuries.

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    How about we limit what people buy on food stamps. I am sick of going to the store with my hard earned money buying no name and bulk items and stand behind someone on food stamps buying bacon, steaks, shrimp, beer, SODA, ect., every TV dinner they can find, ect. While I skip this stuff to save money so I can support them!!!!!

    Also Welfare and food stamps shouldn't be open-ended the recipients should sign up for 3 or fiver years stints and be forced to reapply to continue to get it.