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Reduce the fleet of NYS government cars by 85%. No one needs to use one to drive to work every day. The other should be put in a pool for legitimate use.


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    Community Member

    Or how about everyone drives to work at their own expense like every other normal person does. It should be 0%, and if its special purpose driving, then record your mileage and submit an expense report which gets reviewed like every other company does.

    Stop wasting my money, I'm sick of paying for your miles to the grocery store and road trips.

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    Force people to PROVE that they need a state car, I.E. they drive 40 hours a week or more on State Government work. And how about we get rid of the Governor's helicopter fleet too!!!

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    Same with the freaking Limos! Why are WE paying for you to go to fancy dinners in Limos? Pay for it yourself or drive your own car.