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Lower the amount of money given to people on welfare

Lower the amount of money given to people on welfare. people are making a living on having multiple children and us tax payers are paying for their food, houses, daycare ..ect. for being in a budget crisis cut these people off or do a better job at seeing who really needs it.


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    Community Member

    At the very least, there should be an increased focus on creating jobs. Even if it means taking some state owned land, making a farm out of it, and then having welfare recipients work on that farm for their own food.

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    Limiting the time allowed on welfare would possibly motivate some people. If any more children are born while already on welfare, no more allowances should be made, only food. If the mother states that the father is unknown, no allowances will be made. I worked in social services as a summer job bakc in the 70's and there was a large percentage of father unknown but a continual birthing of children to increase their allowance. Start offering birth control as part of the system.

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    They should also make it mandatory alcohol and drug test but done when least expect it.

    Also they should be responsible to be looking for a job and have proof. If any of the three things I said happen where they are caught with in there system or not looking for a job they there funds should be cut off.

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    I agree that some people do need public assistance sometimes. But our welfare system has been abused and corrupt for way too long. I am a struggling woman on the verge of losing my home and we have these people on welfare who have cable, cell phones (with internet and text messaging), eating shrimp, scallops and steak when I can't even afford to buy a loaf of bread sometimes and my house is going on the auction block. What the hell is wrong with our government? People on welfare should have to live in the same housing development, shop at the same grocery stores, etc. And to make matters even worse, grants are continuously given to these so called land lords by HUD creating an even worse nightmare. Give me a job as a "Welfare Police Officer" and I can tell you there would be a lot of people losing a lot of things!

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    Community Member

    If I have to pass a drug test to get a job, a welfare recipient should have to pass a drug test to get free money.

    I work at a bank as a teller. Nothing makes me madder than seeing a person walk in on the 3rd of the month with 3+ withdraw slips from different bank accounts and take $640+ from each bank account and walk out the door to their gleaming SUV, laughing all the way out the door. Mean while, their kids are jumping all over the place asking to go buy some new video game and the parents answer is "yeah, yeah... after I get the money and I go get my hair and nails done....... then we'll go get you the game." Then they have nerve to act so deserving and rude to me, my staff and other patrons waiting in line at the bank.

    Welfare is a fraud! It steals from the people that work hard. It pays other people to stay poor and needy. It allows for young people to be mislead and teaches them the wrong ideals. Welfare is a drain on our system and our economy. Welfare is only giving people a reason to live below "society standards" (for lack of better description)- meaning, gives people a reason to drop out of school, procreate with whoever/whenever, use drugs, and be ignorant.

    I work at a bank full time. I live with in my means. Yet, I can't afford 1/2 of what some of these welfare recipients have.

    Change the rules!






    But if we could get only one demand met - DRUG TESTS!!!

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    Community Member

    Why is it ok for people who work for a living to have to take drug tests, but people who receive my tax money do not have to take drug tests?

    The government should have a responsibility to make sure that tax money does not fund drug use. It does not make sense to give someone free money and then have that person increase the tax burden/health care costs by smoking tobacco.

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    I would like to know if and when the governors office is going to respond on this out of control money robbing system, that was once set up for temporary relief and is now a free life for many bums! How much more can the taxpayer put up for when we know people are taking way advantage of the system and stealing our hard earned money! They should consider some of these good ideas from us taxpayers.

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    Community Member

    I'd like to see any of you live on the amount of money a welfare recipient is provided.

    I suspect that the alleged fraud you witness (if it's really fraud at all) is caused by welfare not providing enough for the recipient to survive. If it was enough, wouldn't everyone be on welfare? I don't want to live like a welfare recipient - I've never seen a welfare recipient whose lifestyle is desirable, thus I work hard to not be on welfare.

    Are all of you really that tempted by welfare?

    That's really sad.

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    Community Member

    People who scam the system know full well that it's not enough to live on and they don't simply live off of one welfare check. Here's some examples:

    "Single" mom with 5 kids, and a boyfriend who "doesn't live" with her, at least on paper. Together, they milk the system for what it's worth. She may even work under the table here and there while her kids are free to do whatever they want unattended at home and then cause problems in school.

    The drug house where multiple welfare recipients pool their money to live the bum lifestyle. They collect cans with bottle deposit returns, sell scrap metal and collect their government checks for multiple disabilities. On their welfare applications, they claim to live someplace else.

    I'm sure others can add to the immense list that's out there.

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    Community Member

    So you admit that it's not the amount of the welfare check that's the problem, it's people's abuse of the system. People aren't "making a living" on welfare.

    Ok, how to fix that? How about actually following up with people to check on their eligibility status? Or limiting the amount of time you can be on welfare? Or making the eligibility criteria more stringent?

    Oh, that's right, all of those things are already done or continue to be done. Folks...the problem isn't welfare. The problem is being jealous of those on welfare. They're not getting off easy...once again, go on welfare...live the lifestyle they live...decide for yourself what the problem is. You might be surprised at what you find.

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    Community Member

    Everyone on welfare should be required to work for their check. Then it won't be called welfare, it will be called having a job. Want more money? Work more hours. Need more money? Stop having more babies.

    People on welfare complain about the money they receive but somehow never seem to give back to the community in the way of cleaning up their own neighborhoods, volunteering. Even if they spent all day at the department of labor or the library.

    Somehow, illegal immigrants from so many different countries can earn a living here but americans with legal documentation and who speak english somehow cannot earn a living. That does not make any sense.

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    Community Member

    Ummmm, being jealous of those on welfare? No, that's not it at all. It's anger that part of the money that's taken out of the paycheck I EARN every week is given to them so that they can buy junk food to feed their family, then go home and watch cable TV, get fatter and do the scratch-off tickets they got after trading some food stamps for real money.

    Back in the day, welfare recipients were ashamed that they were getting something for free from the government. People would hide their foodstamps and try not to let anybody know they were paying with them. Sorry but that's the way it should be. You SHOULD be embarassed that you have to be a leech on society. Unfortunately, nowadays people are PROUD to be on welfare. They brag about how much they can get for free, how much they can get without having to work. They give each other tips on what to say or how to act for disability hearings or which doctors will help them. They help find each other employers that will pay under the table so they can keep getting welfare too. There's an entire sector of society that thinks they are entitled to get money without earning it, and that sector gets bigger every day.

    As for the "lifestyle" they live....You're right, decent people don't want to live like that. We want more for ourselves and our families. That's why we WORK HARD. But for MANY of the folks on welfare, they don't care enough about themselves or their children to even make the effort. It doesn't bother them to live in squalor, it's probably all they know. Even though we think it's gross, pigs like to live in sh*t. They don't want it any different.

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    Community Member

    i think ill quit my full time job and go on welfare. i probably make more money that way. Go NY.

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    ( Moderator )


    The Governor's Office has reviewed your post and has responded. To see our response, please visit our blog Straight Talk, Straight Answers at: http://ny.gov/governor/straighttalkstraightanswers/.

    Thank you,

    The Governor's Office

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    Deborah Jacobs

    No. Welfare IS needed, but the selection process of who should receive it desperately needs to be refined. People should be drug tested for sure. Also there should be some kind of inspection process. It is very well known amongst Bronx residents, and rather quite a crude joke, about people housed in the projects paying $200 dollars for a two bedroom apartment coming home in their Mercedes Benz. As a matter of fact if you drive by some of these buildings, you will see a line of luxury cars. People who really need it are those who are older. My mother for instance is in her 60's, a cancer survivor, physically limited by poor health, depressed by the death of my older brother, and left by her husband with literally nothing and there is little she or I can do until I graduate college. Welfare IS needed, but needs to be refined.

  16. Comment

    I think people who are on welfare cant live as it is..the system has set it up so people fail.. how about making the DEADBEAT DADS..PAY MORE CHILD SUPPORT AND maybe most of these women and children wouldnt be on welfare.

  17. Comment
    Community Member

    Its quite evident that member "theprimadonna66" has her head buried far up her rear.

    Or you can just not get knocked up, that works too. And if you are a "deadbead" dad then the Society should have a right to castrate you. Same goes for the mothers who populate because their plumbing still works.

    You are a pinhead.

  18. Comment
    Community Member

    I'm completely in favor of forcing everybody who receives taxpayer money to have to pass a drug test... especially the politicians.

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    Community Member

    As a taxpayer, I am sick to death of the abuse of the welfare system. I work as a cashier in a convenient store. The abuse of food stamps is rampant. They arrive is a nice vehicle (we can afford only one). They are talking on their cell phones, clothes not shabby and the women often have had their nails done professionally. Ninety percent of purchases is junk food. Very pricey energy drinks,bottled water, candy, etc. Some have plenty of cash to buy lottery tickets. Then those with EBT cash often buy alcohol and tobacco. It's all I can do to be civil to these people.

  20. Comment
    Community Member

    Amazing! I have live in Bushwick, Brooklyn NYC for the past 25 years and still couldn't believe when I saw the abuse some people have with the welfare system. I have seen most of the issues you have mentioned here. Half of my block seems to be living on it! and one more thing nobody mentioned: have you seen an unmarried couple where one of them is renting through section 8 to his/her partner? I have! Recipients should be carefully audited.

  21. Comment

    As with any Government program there are LOOP-HOLES. These LOOP-HOLES allow people to scam the system and that is exactly what people are doing. Some are taught to scam the system while others just stumble onto the protocols for scamming the system. The days of "CLAUDINE" are over. It was so detrimental to send case workers to investigate the needs of people collecting welfare that that practice was banned. Long ago one could not say they did not know where the father of the children were because a case worker would visit your home and account for each and every person living in the home as well as each and every item you owned. Things you had that were not included in your budget you would suffer for having because your budget would have that amount of money deducted from it. Sometimes when we make changes CHANGE IS NOT FOR THE BETTER. There are families that are just like the ones mentioned in these writings that exist now and there will be millions more unless we focus on real sollutions for these problems instead of venting our anger because of them.